The Aaron Grider Foundation needed a short video to capture the essence of their organization and inspire others to get involved. A trip to Mexico to build homes was the perfect opportunity, so I flew down to film the moment.

This was a solo job, so I was in charge of planning the shoot, filming in Mexico, writing and recording the narration and editing the piece into a cohesive narrative. It required some creativity (like using a 15-passenger van as a sound recording studio) but it was rewarding work.

Uplift is an interview series, sponsored by Horny Toad, that attempts to recreate the off-the-cuff, sometimes profound conversations that can occur on a chairlift. All the interviews were shot during Mountainfilm in Telluride, CO and were shown on the screen during the festival and online thru Horny Toad.

Shooting on a moving gondola wasn’t the easiest location for a film shoot, but we persevered and had some incredible conversations. I helped see this from start to finish with concepting, music selection, filming and editing. Enjoy!

The 5Point Film Festival is designed to inspire adventure. That was my charge as Program Director—to select and cultivate films that achieve this effect. It was a process of writing and rewriting the recipe and finding the necessary ingredients to create a profound experience. The result is an incredible event that has the capability to reshape how you see the world. Here’s a taste of what’s cooking at 5Point.

Alone is an impromptu creative venture—a six hour film project from start to finish. It was a fun personal project to make a short horror film for friends.